Ignite-India Echo system 

The success within the ecosystems I created at Ignite-India and E7ham Arivu showed me how powerful and functional unions between media, technology, education, government, and international organizations such as the United Nations can be. In January 2017, I was honored by the United Nations Youth Assembly with the Outstanding Youth Award for the year 2016 at the Grandest stage for any Youth – The General Assembly Hall at UN Headquarters in NY where I delivered by award acceptance speech to over 1000 global youth leaders from 84 countries.
I was welcomed into the Inter-agency youth network which was a working group of dedicated young changemakers from across the world focused on The UN’s Sustainable World Agenda of 2030 utilizing youth and political advocacy. I strongly believe that such collaborations will be essential in developing a new multidimensional approach to education through an environment of innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and mentorship.
Currently, I have emarked on a journey to connect likemided corporate mentors with a flare towards entrepreneurship with the young innovators from the Ignite India Ecosystem. This strategic move resonates with my vision and with what I have tried to pursue over the last three years. I’m undeniably persistent in my quest to create awareness among the youth community and implement the 17 SDGs through innovation & entrepreneurship! Would love some help & support from all my friends & wellwishers on this move. Thanks!


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